The Seven Game Modes in Seterra Online

The Seven Game Modes in Seterra Online

Watch the video demo of the seven game modes!

Seven different game modes in Seterra Online challenge you in different ways to help you retain information and keep things interesting.

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Display all location names on the map.

Study the states or countries on a map through the Learn mode, which displays the name of a country or state for a short time after clicking it.

This timed game mode challenges you to find the states or countries on your chosen map by clicking on the outline when you think you know it. Scores display at the end of each round and show the percentage of correct answers.

Color coding:

   Correct in 1 click

   Correct in 2 clicks

   Correct in 3 clicks

   > 3 clicks needed

Pin (hard)
Our most challenging mode! This game mode is similar to the Pin mode, but after you have given a correct answer, the area will return to its original green color, so that you cannot use elimination when playing the last few locations.

Place the Labels

Label the countries or states one by one in your preferred order in Place the Labels. Watch the list dwindle down as you successfully label each outline.

Type (easy)
Type the location names in any order, and they will automatically appear in the correct spot on the map! This is a new mode - it was added in April 2020.

In the Type mode, you type the names of the locations on your keyboard. Can’t remember a name? Click the “Hint” button to get a hint!

Tip! Does the box cover something interesting on the map when you are using the Type mode? Use the arrow keys to move it up and down, or use ctrl+arrow keys to move it sideways

In the iOS and Android versions, the Learn and Pin mode are available. In the Windows version, only the Pin mode is available.


Switch game modes using the drop-down box in the lower left corner