Mississippi Voters Will Choose New State Flag

Mississippi Voters Will Choose New State Flag

September 9, 2020

Very soon, the residents of Mississippi will vote on a new design for their state's flag.

Mississippi retired its most recent version of its state flag on June 30, 2020 and is currently using the flag of the United States for official purposes, with the state seal and coat of arms updated to replace images of the former state flag.

The abandoned flag design, which was adopted in 1894, included a canton of the Confederate battle flag. Seeking to exclude the Confederate symbol from the new flag, the state commission selected a new design, known as the “Magnolia Flag” or “In God We Trust Flag.”. Mississippi voters will accept or reject this design this November.

At Seterra, we keep a close watch on flag changes and update any impacted quizzes fast. Our US State Flag quiz currently does not include a state flag for Mississippi. As soon as Mississippi voters decide between the two Magnolia Flag and the Great River Flag, we'll update the US State Flag quiz again.

The new Mississippi flag design.