The Mouth and Throat - Science Quiz

Adenoid, Epiglottis, Esophagus, Genioglossus Muscle, Hard palate, Hyoid bone, Inferior turbinate, Lingual tonsil, Mandible, Middle turbinate, Soft palate, Thyroid cartilage, Tongue, Tonsil, Trachea . (15)  Create custom quiz

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Chewing and swallowing—they’re how digestion begins, and the mouth and throat are what makes them happen. But the components of the mouth and throat serve many functions. This science quiz game will make it easy for you to identify the 15 major parts. The mouth and throat consist of a complex system of bones, muscles, and other tissue that helps you ingest food and enables you to breath and speak. When you’re memorizing the parts of the human mouth and throat, use this science quiz game to make it easy!

The Mouth and Throat - Science Quiz
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