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World: Rivers - Map Quiz Game

World: Rivers: Mackenzie River, Missouri River, the Amazon, the Amur (Heilong Jiang ), the Congo, the Danube, the Euphrates, the Ganges, the Lena, the Mekong, the Mississippi River, the Murray River, the Niger, the Nile, the Ob, the Paraná River, the Tigris, the Volga, the Yangtze (Chang Jiang), the Yellow River (Huang He), the Yukon River.
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There are many rivers in the world, but none quite as impressive as the Amazon. Not only is it the world’s longest river, it has the largest drainage area and the fastest discharge rate. Even the Congo has an 80% slower discharge rate the Amazon, it still has the highest such rate in the world. In terms of length, the Nile is not far behind the Amazon, flowing through 11 modern African countries before it empties into the Mediterranean.

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World: Rivers - Map Quiz Game

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